New Post for Gloria Montgomery Art


"When you grow up, you should become an artist." 

My kindergarten teacher, said to me.

We handed in our assignment,

"Draw a ship for Columbus Day".

All the drawings went up around class room.

But mine went on the board at the front of the room. 

Such joy!

Halloween came around.

We moved on to pumpkins.

She asked if she could keep my drawing.

I reluctantly told her she could.

Thirty years later, I asked her if she remembered the ship.

She found it and returned the fading ship.

I couldn't believe she still had it.

Little did I know the path her comment,

And that little ship would send me. 

I took her very seriously.

I have loved to draw my entire life.

Even when I paint, I draw. 

It's my favorite part.

Standing in front of a paper or canvas.

Creating something from nothing, is still…

Such Joy!